Grand Pa 2017, Unfiltered


A special example made by ecologic grapes from old wines, 60-100years old, cared only manually to protected the plants. Blend of Fetească Regală, Welch Riesling and Baras is a natural unfiltered wine with remarkable structure and acidity, complex aromas of yellow ripe or stewed fruits, citruses and spice like white pepper, sage, persistent on finish. Macerated on skins in open vats for 5 days and spontaneously fermented for one month, contains very low sulphur.

Food pairing – game, smoked ham and bean ragout, cholent.


Alcohol level: 12 %
Acidity: 5,47 g/l
Residual sugars: dry
Enjoy at: 11 C


Grand Pa 2017, Unfiltered