The philosophy of the production of wine

The cellar's oenologist is Csilla Serli and she use simple technology to produce high quality wines. Keeping it natural, keeping the originality of the fruit unaltered plays an important role in her creed. Those who taste the wines sense the passion of the oenologist, the love and deep respect for this vocation without which no truly wonderful wine can be produced.

Important for all the in the winery team is the real ongoing work, that follows a well defined path, a path that one must never leave and appreciation will come.

The oenology is essentially an art, in which the wine grower gives expression to his expertise, his sensitivity and his passion in this wonderful work, whose final outcome is savoured by the consumer, and this may be the reason why the wine is considered the liquor of gods.

The owner and the whole team are committed to naturality, to real home-made products that cannot be counterfeited, to those values that make human existence more perfect.